AGE Platform Europe is an empowered coalition of older people’s organisations. Together, we ensure older people are at the European table, and participate in the debates to an inclusive society.

In times of pandemic more than ever, AGE celebrates longevity as one of the greatest achievements of humanity. Guided by values of equality and participation, we seek to combat ageism, promote human rights throughout the life course, and create equal opportunities to live full and dignified life.

Older people are the experts of their own lives. Our community is hugely diverse. But our difference is our strength when we speak together. As self-advocates, we have the potential to bring know-how and experience – not to mention countless hours of caring and volunteer work that help society function.

A healthy society provides support at times of vulnerability, while providing space for all its members to contribute. Let’s bridge the generation gap to build an age equal society.


Members in the AGE Platform Europe network


of citizens aged 65-74 in the EU have done informal volunteering work (Ageing Report, 2019)


of people above 65 consider themselves happy (Ageing Report, 2019)


Estimated life expectancy in the EU in 2018. People aged 80+ could more than double by 2080 (source: Eurostat), making this the fastest growing age group

Building Connections

Our vision is to create the connections necessary for a more inclusive society:

  • Connecting institutions and constituents
    AGE amplifies older people’s voices to the European and global levels
  • Connecting organisations
    Our powerful coalition enables older people to exchange experiences and learnings
  • Connecting countries
    AGE is a truly European network, drawing strength from our members’ diversity
  • Connecting people
    AGE strengthens communities, empowering older people to contribute actively to society